Do you love fresh fruits and vegetables?

Come visit us at The Country Barn for fresh fruits and veggies. We offer (in season) strawberries, peas, sweet corn, string beans, cucumbers, yellow squash, tomatoes, melons, peaches, apples, heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers. and so much more.

Although we are best known for our Local Kentucky Grown & Fresh Produce, a huge selection of fruits and vegetable varieties, and larger quantity orders for canning purposes, we do offer fresh fruits and veggies all season long from other southern markets.

For many decades, Fairview Kentucky has been recognized as a Dedicated Produce Community. Because we are surrounded by so many produce farms, any produce items not grown by us we’ll source from our neighboring farms. This plethora of farm to table opportunities gives us a unique edge in the eat healthier awareness arena of today

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