Laura LeBoutillier: The Green Muse behind the Success of Garden Answer

Laura LeBoutillier is more than an influencer in the gardening world; she is a beacon of inspiration and guidance. As the creator of the YouTube channel Garden Answer, Laura has cultivated a global community of gardening enthusiasts since 2014, amassing a remarkable following of 1.78 million subscribers on YouTube and 604,000 on Instagram.

Growing up in Eastern Oregon, Laura’s early fascination with plants was nourished by her parents, who owned a local garden center. This passion has since blossomed into a digital empire, demystifying complex horticultural concepts and making gardening accessible and enjoyable to all.

Her influence doesn’t just resonate with individual garden enthusiasts but also extends to professional circles. Staff at The Country Barn, who work with a diverse range of plants and products, including Proven Winners, are avid followers of Laura’s work. They not only integrate her expert guidance into their daily practices but also enthusiastically encourage their patrons to follow her channels for invaluable insights.

Laura’s content spans from meticulous plant care instructions to creative garden design ideas, serving as both inspiration and an educational resource. Her engaging and friendly style creates a sense of community among her followers, making each one feel a part of a thriving, green-thumbed family.

Beyond mere instruction, Laura has rekindled an interest in gardening for many of her followers, emphasizing its therapeutic benefits, positive environmental impact, and ability to enrich our daily lives.

Despite her immense success, Laura’s focus remains unwavering: to make gardening an accessible and joyful pursuit for everyone. Through Garden Answer, she has become a go-to source for gardening queries, creating a unique space where plant lovers can learn, grow, and connect.

Find Laura LeBoutillier on YouTube at and Instagram at Laura’s steadfast dedication, passion, and expertise have established her as a guiding star in the gardening world, nurturing passion and inspiring growth wherever her influence reaches.

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